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See us on various local and international trade exhibitions all year-round from industrial, commercial to consumer trade fairs and conventions.

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The Green Book Directory (e.2014-2015)

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Send unlimited number of products and services enquiries from a huge database of credible suppliers through The Green Book Trade Enquiry Service, the most convenient platform for sourcing anything fast and easy.

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Truly, Economic Globalization in Singapore is on the track and Construction Industry is on the lead. On the other hand, Singapore has learned to use the aspect of economic globalization in its own advantage to reform its economy and trade and is now fitted for this global clash.

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"Your life was made for a purpose, desire it, discover it and then let it drive you into your destination."

Francis J. Kong

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Light and Lights Pte Ltd in Singapore is one of Singapore’s stylish light and lighting fixtures supplier.  They have a collection of various light products such as ceiling lights, standing lights, wall lights, pendant lights, and much more.  Light and Lights also carries ceiling fans from Elmark and Fanco.  It is also an official distributor of Philips for the same products. 

For enquiries, you may use this link.  

To know more about the importance of good lights and lighting for the productivity of your office, check this article

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After spring cleaning we suddenly realizes that there are spaces in our home that need to be remodeled, up do, up grade, and or improve to create a better functional space or a useful area to relax, enjoy, or even place our stuff. And so, one of the best idea to do during the spring summer season –aside from having an interstate or out of the country vacation, is to re-create your home. Whether it’s the bedroom, your home office, kitchen, den, decks, patio, garages, family room, sports room, masters bedroom, or even the bathroom, you need to consider the design, style, the length and the amount of work, and of course your budget. Sure, all of us do not want to hurt our pockets to get the nicest stuff that’s why we need to look for places that will give us “best-buys”…and the best places to go are your local Hardware wholesalers, Wholesale suppliers, or you can start checking hardware supplies online.

Basically, you need to have a better and clear idea on what you want to do with your home project. Start with planning and make sure to get the right home improvement contractors. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always visit websites that offers home remodeling ideas for project that will fit your style, time frame, and will not hurt and compromise your finances. Check for ideas and inspirations that you’ll love.          

Most design or home improvement websites provides recommendation on the best-good quality material you can use, budget or remodeling advice so as you can jump start your project. There are also known home improvement websites that has a free tool that you can use to see the interior or exterior paint you’ve been dreaming or wanting to use for your home project. This will give you the best idea how your room will look like without spending a fortune yet. You may also want to see hardware supplies online where you can find available materials and tools in its most affordable price.

If you are lucky enough and you have the nearest hardware wholesale store in your area that carries construction materials, furniture hardware supplies, or good quality tools but you’re too busy to drive around, check if they have their own available website so you can see what they offer. Most of the time you can get their online discounts, coupons, or BOGO (Buy One Get One) promo sale that may suit your needs. This will help you save a lot of money, gas, and energy.

There are many ways you can start remodeling or updating your home without spending too much money. You just have to know the right places to go. Always check your local hardware stores and talk to your hardware store consultants to get some help and advice. This is one way of getting the right ideas you can use for your home project. And not to forget, you can also get a lot of information and ideas through the web. Make sure to visit many home decorator sites, home and room designs, and the latest home trend ideas.

With good planning and decision making—it will always lead you to the best home project you ever wish without hurting your budget. So, Good Luck and Cheers! 

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What comes to your mind whenever you hear the word Marine or Marines?


Most, if not all, will think about the group of men in uniform (military soldiers), specifically US Marine troops or most commonly known as “Jar Heads”. Perhaps, I am correct or maybe not at all. As I quote Wikipedia: “US Marine Corps (USMC) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection from the sea, using the mobility of the U.S. Navy to rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces.”

With this definition, we can conclude that they are the main group or unit who constantly need marine equipment, marine supplies, and marine parts.

Looking through a wider and deeper perspective the word Marine or Marines may mean a lot of things. It could be relating to sea life (biology, ecology, geology)—from sea animals, sea hedgehogs (urchins), or all see sea creatures, etc. Or could also mean related to sea business or commerce like trading, transportation, navigation, tourism, and maritime which plays important role in one’s economy.

Like for instance, a ship or a vessel would need marine equipments and supplies which are readily available from wholesale marine distributors or marine suppliers. From the most state of the art naval vessels, leisure yacht, to the simplest fishing boat, they all need to get their equipments, gears, and supplies that can be readily purchase from marine equipment trade or even from marine equipment auctions.  This would help them deliver their commitment and obligation at the same time making the maritime industry or the marine equipment trade alive.

If we talk about Maritime Industry, this will give us a vague term to describe all forms of enterprises engaged to businesses whether its navigation, carrier, trading, designing, constructing, supplying, repairing, defense, et al.  And one way of improving the industry is by conducting trade shows which are being attended by many visitors. Attendees may include all people who are involve in naval architects, distributors, yacht and boat builders, captains, distributors, and marina developers and manufacturers from all around the globe. (source: METS)  Attending this kind of trade shows will help the business, trade, and maritime entrepreneurs improve as well as learning and updating new information.

Now, after a lot and long reading, and internet researching, Marine, is not just a mere word describing a group of men in uniform (military soldiers/ troops) who serves as our first line of defense. Marine whether it’s relating to marine life, marine as a noun, or business and trade, it plays a big role in our economic industry as well as with marine equipment trade. Making it easier for us to purchase the stuff we need, faster form of transportation, travel and tourism, great business profit, and many other things. And the result—- Helps us improve the quality of our lives. Making it more comfortable!

So, if someone will ask you again, what comes to your mind whenever you hear the word Marine? I bet you will have a lot in mind to answer…